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Estate & Probate Services



Firstly, please allow me to start off by saying how truly sorry I am for your loss. Being the executor of an estate can be a very difficult and stressful time not just for you, but your entire family. Initially, most of my clients do not accept my services because they will like to either wait some time to sell or they will feel it is too daunting a task to tackle. Please learn from them an DO NOT WAIT to liquidate the property. Too often, I see the property values decrease because of the prolonged negligence to the home or I see the entire estate value drain because of the costs required to maintain the home. (i.e. insurance, HOA dues, property taxes, etc.)



I do much more than put a sign in the yard. Some of the services we offer to sellers or estate properties are: 

  • Evaluate the home’s current condition, assess its market value and then help you put together a blueprint to prepare the home to sell.

  • Refer and coordinate vendors to assist with preparation items such as clearing the home either via an estate sale or donation, scheduling a contractor to do minor repairs,  hiring a maid do a thorough cleaning or even having a little landscaping done to give the home more curb appeal

  • Build a marketing plan unique to your property to ensure it is sold as quickly as possible to the right buyer, without delay.



Your clients' best interests are always held at utmost importance as they navigate this transition in their life. Please know, I will care for their needs above and beyond all else. 

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