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Landlord & Tenant Services


If you own an investment property or need to rent out your personal home for a year, but do not know how to start that process, working with a Realtor can help you kick start the process by marketing your rental property to prospective tenants, assisting with the tenant screening process and coordinate the lease paperwork. Realtors also can provide a wealth of knowledge in selecting a property management company, should you need one. If you choose to self-manage, your Realtor is a valuable tool to point you to the right contractors, handymen and vendors to assist in keeping your rental property earning you income for years. 

Moving In


If you aren't quite ready to purchase your next home, a Realtor can still help. Whether you're looking for an apartment in a complex, an individually owned condo/ townhouse, or you need a large executive home in the suburbs, the searching and negotiating process is immensely easier when you have a Realtor parsing through all the results for you. Best part, as a tenant you are not paying the Realtor for their time or services. 

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