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How to save up to 20% on your property taxes

If you purchased a home in 2018 for your primary residence, you have until the end of April to file your application for Homestead Exemption with your County's Appraisal District. In the state of Texas you qualify for major tax discounts and legal protection on your primary home. All you have to do to apply these benefits to your home is to fill out a simple application.

For residents in Harris County, simply head over to From there if you hover over "Online Services" you can then click on "Homestead". From there you're given all the instructions to complete the application or to download their app from either the Google Play or Apple App Store. If old fashioned paper and mail is what you prefer, you can also head over to HCAD's Online Forms to download THIS form. Any of these ways is acceptable to apply your homestead exemption on your home.

Send me an email at or comment below if you have any questions or need help filing your Homestead Exemption application.

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